Before Starting

Before start, blood and urine samples are investigated e.g. to exclude inflammations and anemia and to confirm an actual pregnancy. Additional to an ordinary gynecological examination we look through a vaginal ultrasound to measure the fetal size and determine the location of the fetus. Following the ultrasound result, we calculate the duration of the pregnancy starting with the first day of the last menstruation.

If the embryo is 10 mm or larger and the pregnancy more advanced than 49 days we recommend a surgical procedure. We talk over risks, procedure and alternatives. You sign this informed consent sheet. For legal reasons, we need your formal request for an abortion and you have to declare to be in a state of distress. We will hand out a list of charge free advice bureaus. You take your time for your own personal decision.

If and as soon as your decision is clear, you start and take the Mifegyne® 200 mg tab. This must be done in our office. Sometimes bleeding begins already before the second medication. Expulsion before the over next day is rare.

If the gestational sac is not or not yet visible, the blood level of the pregnancy hormone ß-HCG must be monitored tightly to exclude special risks. 

How to Procede