Control of Success

The most reliable proof of success of the treatment is the vanishing pregnancy hormone called human chorionic gonadotropine (ß-HCG). We give you a special urinary test to do this important control yourself at home. Please call and tell us the result. Most often no further tests nor ultrasound is needed. So we can close your case as 'One-Stop MTOP' (medical termination of pregnancy).

Only if you are still bleeding or if our low sensitivity pregnancy test still reacts positive, you need physicians visit including an ultrasound. 

Already after one week, in most cases no or only sparse remains are still visible. If this is not longer than one week after the start of the treatment and if you want a long-acting contraception, a Mirena® could be inserted.

In rare cases, persisting remains or even an ongoing pregnancy must be removed by surgical means. It is worth to wait with such a curretage for several weeks to see the real neccessity of this operation. In case of an ongoing pregnancy, you should be aware of the possibility of a damage to the embryo through the medicaments Mifegyne® and Cytotec®. 

If the pregnancy was not visible by  ultrasound at the first visit, rare risks of an extrauterine pregnancy must be considered. In such cases we monitor the treatment and control the success by measuring the blood levels of the pregnancy hormone β-HCG every 2 to 3 days. 

The pregnancy hormone β-HCG disappears completely only after several weeks. Sensitive pregnancy tests have a treshold of 5 units / ml and react sometimes positive to remaining hormones even up to 6 weeks after a termination of pregnancy. We give you for your control at home a low sensitivity pregnancy test with a positive reaction with treshold above 1'000 units / ml. the vanishing pregnancy hormone is more significant than results of a control by ultrasound.