How to Procede

If and as soon as your decision is clear, you start and take the Mifegyne® 200 mg tab. This must be done in our office. Sometimes bleeding begins already before the second medication. Expulsion before the over next day is rare.

Two days later you take 2 or 4 tabs of the prostaglandine-analogue Cytotec®. Please insert all Cytotec® deeply into your vagina. Most women extrude within the next 3 to 4 hours a small sponge like gestational sac (→ chorion) and start to bleed. If this is not the case yet, you need another 2 tablets of Cytotec®.Einführen der Tabletten

Cytotec® may cause nausea, vomiting or diarrhea and gripes or sometimes labor-like abdominal cramps. Even if bleeding starts later, most often the expulsion is finally completed during the following days. 

For the day of the Cytotec® and of the expulsion you should not shedule other duties or activities. We keep contact by phone. 

Control of Success