One Stop MToP (En)

One Stop Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MToP) in one visit only is possible in most cases. You know exactly what you need and you want to be at home in your own privacy. Investigation and counceling should be restrained to the neccessary steps.

The medical control can be substituted by controlling your urine by yourself at home. After 2 weeks, the vanishing pregnancy hormone ß-HCG is a sufficient proof of success. We give you a special urine test (Check ToP®) with a low threshold of 1’000 units/ml. Usual pregnancy urine tests are much more sensitive and may react positive for even 6 weeks after the start of the abortion treatment.  

In 85% of the cases this test is negative and no further control is needed. A gynecological control is needed if the following signs of unsufficient success indicate significant remains or an ongoing pregnancy:

  • If bleeding after Cytotec® was sparse or absent
  • If the low treshold urinary test reacts positive after 2 weeks or more
  • ongoing tenderness of your breasts
  • ongoing morning sickness
  • No period after 5 weeks or more 
  • additional reasons for an urgent consultation are temperature above 38.5°C or heavy bleeding and ongoing abdominal cramps
  • Please call if you feel unsure 

From 2010 to 2014 resultates of scientific studies from many countries around the world were presented which revealed desirability, an effectiveness above 98% and the high safety of one stop MToP up to 9 weeks of gestation (Ref 1-4).

One stop MToP is not possible if we can not (or not yet) detect a gestational sac within the uterus and therefore can not exclude an extrauterine pregnancy. One stop MToP is not possible if the pregnancy is more advanced than 63 days since the start of the last menstruation (following ultrasound measurements). Please note that a medical termination of pregnancy is often more painful after 7 weeks.

Before Starting 


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