Problems (En)

Side effects: Practically allways Mifegyne® is tollerated well. Cytotec® may cause nearly labour-like abdominal cramps and heavy bleedings; sometimes Cytotec® may cause nausea, vomiting, shivering and diarrhoea. In rare cases headache, dizziness, skin reactions or allergies may happen.

Complications are rare and irreversible damages are extremely rare.  

Uncomplete abortion: If termination of pregnancy is not completed, remains must be removed by a surgical suction curretage. This operation is neccessary in 2 % of the cases only. In case of an ongoing viable pregnancy a possible damage through the taken medicaments must be considered. Signs of uncomplete abortion are:

- no or sparse bleeding after Cytotec®
- tender and swolen breasts
- morning sickness
- no menstruation after 5 weeks

Heavy bleeding rarely neccessitate emergency visits and surgical suction operations. Although the physicians visit is needed in case of ongoing heavy abdominal cramps longer than the first day after Cytotec® and in cases of fever with temperatures above 38.5°C, extremely strong bleeding and signs of ongoing pregnancy.

Fertility: Your fertility is beyond any doubt, for you are pregnant. An induced abortion treatment does not diminish your fertility.

Contraindications: Insufficiency of the adrenal glands, uncontrolled asthma, uncontrolled hypertension, some severe heart-diseases and incompatibility of the medicaments are possible reasons against the medical termination of pregnancy. Heavy smoking and the age above 35 years endagers pregnant women; the medication used for termination of pregnancy do the same for a few days.

More than 7 weeks: Medical termination of pregnancy is more often painful after more than 7 weeks of gestation. Therefore after more tahn 7 weeks we recommend a surgical suction operation. If you insist on a medical termination of pregnancy after more than 7 weeks, we still can do it safely by medicaments only. Safety and efficacy of a medical termination of pregnancy by Mifegyne® plus Cytotec® are lowered only beyond 9 weeks of gestation. Moreover Mifegyne® is mandatory to be payed by your health insurance only up to 7 weeks of gestation.

Before 5 weeks: If the pregnancy is not or not yet visible by vaginal ultrasound, we must measure the level of the pregnancy hormon β-HCG in the blood every 2 to 3 days. Risks of a rare but dangerous extrauterine pregnancy can be handled safely this way.



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